When you combine one determined young woman and one very devoted baby dragon, you get a pair that no one in their right mind better mess with.

Let them guard your coffee because nobody messes with a girl and her dragon.

Series Girl and Dragon Series

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As a child, I watched science fiction shows and real-life space missions. My father and grandfather helped build the Apollo Lunar Lander. 


I believed that when I grew up, I’d live in outer space. I was prepared. I drank Tang, the powdered orange juice of the astronauts.


Those childhood dreams helped guide my adult paths.


Early in my engineering career, I was involved in designing key components for the International Space Station. Although I’ve never physically been outside the Earth’s atmosphere, a part of me has. My creativity and design skills.


I no longer work on NASA projects, but my creativity is still taking parts of me out into the galaxy in my writing.


For me, space travel has always been about the optimistic future. I write stories for all of us that wish to boldly go where our childhood dreams led.


Beyond the Wormhole
Prequel – Artifact Found – April 20, 2017
Book 1 – Leaving Home – May 2017

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