Cell Phone Case

Cell Phone Case

Turn heads and protect your valuable communication devices with our custom phone cases. Our available options are incomparable to any store bought case on the market today with your choice of color, text, and graphics, with a glossy or matte finish. The following phone case thicknesses are available: Slim: 1.2~1.6mm; Tough: 1.6mm; Clear: 1-1.2mm.

A picture of Thal Jardine … At one point in time. Really, having a different face – a different body – each time you wake up makes it hard to get a consistent picture. So really, a picture of one day's body is the best you can do. This picture is based on a cover by Deranged Doctor Designs.

Series Breed Matters
Material or Use 3D Wrapped Print. Glossy or Matte
Packaging Ziplock bag and envelope

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