Pet Bowls

Pet Bowls
Unsightly pet dishes can ruin the look of a perfectly designed interior. With our custom pet bowls, fine details complete your kitchen theme with options for size, prints, color, and text. Made with 100% ceramic, they are not only stylish but sanitary and dishwasher safe too.
Series Chaotic Life Collection
Material or Use 100% Ceramic
Packaging Polystyrene Bowl
Care of Microwave and dishwasher safe.

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Hi, I am Kat Lind, the proud possessor of 3 dogs, 2 cats, 14K books, 5K ebooks, and tons of fabric. I have written non-fiction for decades in a variety of technical and academic venues, teaching classes, and developing my professional life. 

I am continuing to write non-fiction, with technical books and cookbooks scheduled for multiple publication dates this upcoming year, but my journey into fiction is an exciting and scary venture for me. I have stories in both Inanna’s Circle Game anthologies, and those stories will be standalone publications in the next month. The third Inanna’s anthology is scheduled for January and I will be writing for that one also.

My goal as a writer is to let my readers immerse themselves in my vision, to travel to the worlds of my mind and to experience my creations. I hope you will travel with me because shared journeys are far more fun.

And never boring.

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