Snack Bowls

Snack Bowls

Unsightly pet dishes can ruin the look of a perfectly designed interior. With our custom pet bowls, fine details complete your kitchen theme with options for size, prints, color, and text. Made with 100% ceramic, they are not only stylish but sanitary and dishwasher safe too.

Blue Speckled Large Snack Bowl
Series Meet the Author Series
Material or Use 100% Ceramic
Packaging Polystyrene Bowl
Care of Microwave and dishwasher safe.

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Hello Musers,

I’m Naomi Muse. I see the world through magically tinted glasses. You may know them as shades, I just like to look fancy. I seek magic in everyday situations, which is why I write urban fantasy and science fiction. I believe people can overcome anything, including monsters and aliens. When I need guidance, I turn to spirituality and tarot. Sometimes, tarot even prompts a story. Join me on this wild ride through my imagination.

Hell and Earth Series:
Hell With Dick and Jane
Defective Demon
Daddy’s Girl

Other Stories:
Stumbling Through Time
The Raving Ones
Anteros: Part 1
Rebels and Runes

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